The Plight of the Differently Abled.

Its a vicious cycle by any standards. Victims of polio like Bharat**, are a result of our society's apathy and sign of the extreme neglect being faced by the semi-urban and rural families across the country.

Tailoring as an Alternate Source of Income

Considering the unemployment crisis that is raging in the country, it is always wise for the rural and semi-urban folk to pick up a skill that augments the income from the regular day job. Tailoring is a wise option for those adept at working with needle and cloth. A source of employment that they can work from home, at leisure and with dedication. Working with an established brand is not essential , though it helps.

Community Kitchens - A Case Study in Class Mergers

India is a country synonymous with various caste equations, stretching across all religions. The founding fathers of India had a dream to build a casteless society , and no one epitomises the dream of such a unified India than the father of the Indian constitution Dr. B R Ambedkar.

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