The Jewel Thief

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Confessions of the Confused Mind

The Marthoma Church will always hold a special place in my heart. In a city like Bangalore, with all the hustle and bustle it offered my creative soul a wonderful sanctuary to ask bold questions about God and his Son, and the worship of the Triune God.

This short movie we produced in 2014 is a reminder first of all for me, and for the world about the beauty found in the written and oral traditions of the Marthoma Church, that all other factions of the Syrian Tradition can aspire towards.

Confessions of the Confused Mind is a short movie about how the youth of our churches percieve their relationship with God , in light of the churches approach to their spiritual and emotional needs. Benita, Jibin, Chris, Tina and Aashish are some of the youth members who helped me, without whose support and cooperation , the youth group itself would not have lasted so long under my direction.

A Christ filled Christmas



The Visitation

Midnight Madness