Speeches of Siddaramiah

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  • In the previous 4 years, the debt created by the state goverment was about 3 Lakh Crores
  • During the previous Congress regime in <2013-2018?>, the state government made a debt of 1 Lakh 16K crores.
  • Till March 2018, the total debt was 2 lakhs 42 thousand crores
  • According to the budget 2023-24, the debt created by the Karnataka BJP Govt was about 5 lakhs 64 thousand crores
  • The Prime Minister remarks about a looming debt crisis in the state is misleading
  • CM commented that he is confident that we will be able to implement all the guarantees , without creating a debt crisis in the state.
  • The loan from independence upto UPA-2 govt headed by ManMohan Singh is 53 lakh 11 thousand crores.
  • However since 2014 -in the last 9 years NDA government headed by Narendra Modi has made a loan of 102 lakh crores
  • In 9 years Narendra Modi has made 102 lakh crores.
  • CM, According to our analysis, to implement these 5 guarantees requires 50 thousand crores annually
    • 200 units of free power to all households under the Gruha Jyoti scheme.
    • ₹2,000 monthly assistance to the woman head of every family, which comes under the Gruha Lakshmi scheme.
    • 10 kgs of rice to every member of a BPL/APL household - as part of the Anna Bhagya scheme.
    • ₹3,000 allowance per month for unemployed youth with a graduate degree, and ₹1,500 allowance for unemployed diploma holders (both in the age group of 18 to 25) under the Yuva Nidhi scheme
    • Free travel for all women in public transport buses
  • CM said it is achievable and he is confident. Also he mentioned that he has fullfilled all the promises during 2013-2018

CM has mentioned during their regime 2013-2018, they have fulfilled all the promises made in their manifesto, out of 165 they completed 158 promises, aslo they have added on top of manifesto, "Indira Canteen", "Loan waver", "Vidya shree", "Shoe bhagya" "Pashu Bhagya" etc., more than 30 new schemes have been implemented.