Finding a Vision

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It is very difficult, almost impossible to look into the future and try to predict what lies out there. IMO that's why its alright to get embarrassed, when people ask you about your 'VISION' , and you have no answer.

Sustaining a long term vision requires foundation beliefs of some sort. Allmost all programmers of repute i am aware of have some sort of creed. Its what they doggedly believe in that drives them through social ,financial, emotional and intellectual issues that arise with being a visionary.

There exists no prerecorded statement in our heart to answer the iconic question - What is your vision ? Possibly because a vision is not a pre-fabricated thought process one is born with. A vision arises out of experience, inspiration and education. The greater the quantum of these three influences on our lives, the more refined and eclectic visions can turn out to be.

You dont have to go to Harvard or an IIT to get a vision, but it does help to have a great education, to meet inspiring academics and get to work on the latest technologies. All these aid in the development of a good vision.

Martin Luther had a vision, one that we must get familiar with, in these times when we re-assert that Black Lives Matter, , and so did the Mahatma, but their visions borne of the same three-headed beast alluded to earlier, were more of a social and egalitarian bent of mind.

A corporate vision is the chief preserve of the reluctant socio-capitalist entrepreneur, not ready to jettison the privileges of a capitalist lifestyle, yet cribbing about the need for social equality and justice for the marginalized. Its all about pulling people up to 'your level' of privileged comfort, while you dream of pragmatic success in your capitalist venture.

All of this fails, without a proper environment in which to incubate your vision, thus making it easy to summarize what it takes to develop and sustain a vision.

  1. Have a creed (a foundation set of ethics & moral values)
  2. Mount the three-headed beast of Education, Inspiration and Experience
  3. Respond constructively to the environment you find yourself in.

That should birth vision in your person, and then its all about growing it into a tree for the birds of the air to roost in.

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